We are going to make the most exciting games!

Video game are in our DNA. For five years, this is what fuels us up!
“I personnaly think to make a good game, you have to be a gamer too and understand most of all your audience. Even though everyone jumps into Unreal Engine for Fortnite [UEFN creator 2.0] , these “marketing” companies don’t trully try to understand what is a videogame.”
-Cedric LY

As a videogame company, we believe this is why Clevereen makes a huge difference compare to marketing agencies.

✔ We love games, we build fun games.

A pure marketing agency will tell you they can build a game in 2-3 months when it takes in fact for a good game a minimum of 6 months. Don’t create a world full of nothing, there is no point to have a world with only beautiful tables, chairs and yachts. We build the metaverse!

Don’t waste your money, we play games to have fun!

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