Line Tree Defense

Line Tree Defense is a multiplayer Tower Defense game available on the Playstore since 2020. In this game, your war skills matter. Make sure to seed your Defender Trees with the best strategy to create a path which will slow down the Wardens. Collect the Defender Trees and upgrade their skills. Many Defender Trees are waiting to be seeded ! But be careful, the more you grow Defender Trees, the more you pollute ! When the pollution is too high, your Mother Tree starts loosing energy.

Date: 2022
Client: Internal
Project Type: LTD


“In a time when forests are devastated, animals became crazy and now try to attack your Mother Tree.” Grow your Defender Trees to protect your Mother Tree from Wardens’ waves. Create your own strategy establishing your own path to slow the enemies down. There is only one way to win this war : you must destroy your opponent’s Mother Tree. Unleash your Wardens and be the unique survivor.


Show your skill in real-time combats and dominate the PvP arena. Dur to all the possible strategies, you won’t get bored craching your friends and other players from all over the world. This is not just a Tower Defense. Play this eSport strategy game and be at the top of the leaderboard. Prepare your army, build your best base and rule the PvP arena. Multiplayer mode has never been so fun !

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