For almost a year I have been working alone on my project, from illustration, to code, animation and even music composition.

Line Tree Defense in an online multiplayer tower defense game. Everything is about nature in an post-apocalyptique world. In this game you will have to grow your Defending Trees to protect your Mother Tree from the Wardens. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this madness is to kill your opponent’s Mother Tree…

To make that game I gave up on everything else and focus only on my dream job : game development. I learned for 3 years, first as a hobby, to code, illustrate, animate. The only background I had was music composition. This game was quite handy to make since it is a multiplayer game. But for a year, I made it with love, passion and a true desire to enhance the mobile gaming experience.

Grab your phone and be ready to defend your Mother Tree at all cost.

I Hope you will feel my love for nature and videogame in Line Tree Defense.

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Clevereen is an independent video game studio. For the moment it is runned by a single dev!