Who are we?

It is kinda fun to say “we”, as I am currently an indie game dev! Everything started in 2016 when I had this idea of making my own company around technology and ecology. In 2018, I found that what I love the most on Earth is Videogames and Nature. This is how Clevereen was born!

I was back then working as a full time manager in…a security system company! For almost 2 years, I’ve been learning coding, illustrating, animating on my spare time. In August 2020, I knew this was my dream job and I decided to quite my full time job to be fully commited to Clevereen!

Line Tree Defense- Online Multiplayer Tower Defense

The multiplayer tower defense game is available on your mobile phone!
Set your defenses, protect your mother tree, destroy your enemy!

Protect your Mother Tree in this real-time Tower Defense! War is coming !

“In a time where the forest are devasted, the animals went mad and try to attack your Mother Tree.”

Grow the Defending Trees to protect your Mother Tree from waves of Wardens. Create your own strategy by making your own path to slow down the troops. There is only one way to win this war, you must destroy your opponent’s Mother Tree. Unleash your Wardens and be the only survivor.
Upgrade your Defending Trees and customize them to get the best defense. Upgrade your Wardens and be the most powerful warchief. Go up against global opponents in the PVP Arena.

In this Tower Defense, your war skills matters. Make sure to grow the Defending Trees with the best strategy to create a path that will slow down the Wardens. Collect the Defending Trees and upgrade their skills. Lots of Defending Trees are waiting to be grown! But watch out, the more your grow Defending Trees, the more you pollute! When pollution is to high, your Mother Tree begins to loose life.

Show your skills in real-time battle and dominate the PVP Arena level. Within all the possible strategies, you’ll never get bored of crushing your friends & other players from around the world. This is not a simple TD. Play this eSport strategy game and be at the top ranking. Prepare your army, build your best base and rule the PVP Arena. The multiplayer mode has never been so fun!

The forest had become dangerous lately, all the Wardens are trying to survive, including yours! Enter the realm of wild life and survive this dark times. Magic and dark spells are surrounding you, the epic adventure starts now.

Download and play the best worldwide TD📲🕹
★Enjoy this TD with lots of strategy
★Earn chests and collect valuable loot to upgrade your armies.
★Challenge your friends and other players in the online multiplayer mode.
★Play fast games in less than 5 minutes
★Set your base and build the greatest army.
★Summon your warriors with 9 types of Wardens

• This game has in-app purchases. Some paid items may not be refundable
depending on its type.

Support: community@clevereen.com
Privacy Policy: http://clevereen.com/index.php/privacy-policy/

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